Sensory hairs for flight control

Benjamin Falk

Microscopic hairs on the bat’s wing contribute sensory information to adaptive flight behaviors

The wing hairs are hypothesized to provide the flying bat with sensory information about air currents across the wing membrane

Behavioral studies have shown that wing hair removal results in a decrease in the bat’s flight maneuverability

We continue to examine the roll of wing hairs in guiding bat flight

(Sterbing-D’Angelo et al., 2011)

Object discrimination using echolocation

Bats use echolocation to ensonify targets

We study how bats identify objects in their environment using sonar echoes

Texture discrimination of small objects for a food reward

Video animations from (Falk, Williams, Aytekin, & Moss, 2011)

Discrimination of spherical targets with grooves at different orientations

Presented at ICN 2007: (Falk & Moss, 2007)


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Links to code repositories - published under MIT license unless otherwise noted. SVN repositories being hosted on a raspberry pi.

Animal Record Keeping: A Ruby on Rails program for tracking laboratory animals.

AudioAnalysisChecker: MATLAB GUI for checking over acquired bat audio signals, automatically marking vocalizations and extracting their parameters.

viconLabeler: MATLAB GUI for processing collected trajectory data from theVicon motional capture hardware.

d3: MATLAB GUI for processing calibrated high speed video for 3D - collaboration with Kaushik Ghoseand others in the batlab

sunshine & sunshine24: MATLAB GUI for processing microphone array data - collaboration with Kaushik Ghose

nidaq_matlab_tools - set of scripts & GUIs for acquiring and outputting data from National Instruments hardware using MATLAB's "legacy mode."

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